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Car rental

Our rental cars are SUV's or jeeps.
We have 2 different models:
Suzuki Grand Vitara 3-doors and
Suzuki Grand Vitara 5-doors.

Grand Vitara 3 doors with A/C

Perfect for those who want to cruise Curacao in a comfortable four wheel drive.
These 4-seaters offers you a better and safer traction on the road than the "normal" rental cars at Curacao.

Grand Vitara 5 doors with A/C

This is a large SUV with a spacious trunk. A big tough car that even with five people offers a comfartable driving. Of course also these cars are equipped with air conditioning.

* Don't leave value stuff in the car.
* Don't park the car if you see glass on the ground.
* Straight Through traffic has always priority. Unless otherwise indicated.
* Roundabouts have different priority rules. Pay attention to the signs.
* Don't park the car at dark places.
* You will not be able to use your phone at most of the off-road places.
* Remember our cars are off-road models but no amphibious vehicles.

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